1/11,400,000: Houda

Artwork by Abby Chamberlin

By Abby Chamberlin

Houda, age 13, and her family were forced to flee their home when the conflict in Syria became too much to bear. They are now in Lebanon living in a cowshed, a home that was supposed to be temporary but has ended up being home for over three months. Houda misses going to school and seeing her friends as she hasn’t been home or to school in 2 years. Despite the hardships she has already faced and the hardships she is still yet to face, she remains hopeful and excited about the future she will have, that, she hopes, will be less ridden with conflict and violence. “I don’t know what the future will bring, but I have not lost my dream of becoming a doctor someday…or maybe an artist. I’m not sure yet.”

To read more about Houda visit https://www.mercycorps.org/photoessays/turkey-iraq-jordan-lebanon-syria/who-are-syrian-refugees.