1/11,4000,000: Huda Khalaf


Artwork by Calvin Cameron

By Abby Chamberlin

In the 31 years of Huda Khalaf’s life, she has married, had four children, begged her husband to stay with her instead of fighting for the revolution in Syria, even though she agreed with the cause, and then suffered and grieved when word of his death reached her. She traveled from her home in Hretan, Syria with her children, husband’s parents, and a handful of other relatives to Oncupinar Camp in Kilis, Turkey. There, the combined fifteen members of their family reside in two metal trailers with dimensions of twenty two feet by nine feet, of which there are 2053 in the camp. When discussing the many hardships she has had to face, Houda says: “No words can express what I was feeling. I lost my husband. My kids lost their father. We were going to an uncertain future, and I couldn’t stand it.” Despite the hardship, Houda remains hopeful and is proud of her husband, who’s grave is part of a martyrs’ grave in her old town in Syria.

To read more about Huda’s story visit http://www.washingtonpost.com/sf/syrian-refugees/2013/11/23/huda-khalaf/