1/11,4000,ooo: Dania Amroosh

By Abby Chamberlin

Artwork by Abby Chamberlin

At a mere 7 years old, Dania Amroosh has already witnessed and experienced more pain and violence than anyone of any age ever should. When a bomb dropped
nearby Dania’s house in Aleppo, Syria, her grandmother, aunt, uncle, and two cousins were killed instantly. The bomb also took the legs of one of her cousins and left Dania mangled. Her family fled to Turkey immediately, where they now are temporarily living in the Kilis Hospital as Dania’s two broken legs, large wound on her stomach, and shrapnel wounds slowly heal. Her mother, father, and 8-year old brother have been sleeping on chairs and the floor of the hospital for over five months, yet Dania’s mother says “After what happened, nothing is really difficult anymore.” Once Dania is strong enough to leave the hospital, the family will not return to Syria but instead will join the nearly 700,000 other Syrians who have taken refuge in Turkey. While Dania’s father refuses to return to Syria while the government that left his family in wreckage is still present, he says: “In one miserable night we found ourselves here,” he says. “Maybe one day we will find ourselves back in our city.”

Read more about Dania and her family at http://www.washingtonpost.com/sf/syrian-refugees/2013/12/03/refuge-stories-from-the-syrian-exodus/